A message from Oregon’s Kitchen Table

A message from Oregon’s Kitchen Table

A message from Oregon's Kitchen Table

From Michael P Mills, Project Manager with Oregon Solutions:

"Like many Oregonians, I was overwhelmed by the Eagle Creek Fire this past September. And I was so grateful for the hard work of many people - especially those firefighters spending night and day battling the fire and saving important historic areas like the Multnomah Falls Lodge. Now, Oregon’s Kitchen Table is teaming up with the U.S. Forest Service National Scenic Area to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the restoration of the iconic network of trails that are around Multnomah Falls. The trails include the Multnomah Falls Trail to upper Benson Bridge, the Wahkeena Falls Loop, and Angel’s Rest Trail.

 Here's the great news: If we can raise $525,000, the trails could be reopened to the public later in 2018. 

 Now we have a chance to all help restore the trails in this incredible area. Local trail restoration groups are gearing up to train volunteers to conduct work parties on these trails, but it will take more resources to make sure crews - volunteers and professionals - can get out and efficiently do their work. Here’s your chance to join your fellow stewards and give back to the Gorge. 
It’s been there for us. Let’s be there for the Gorge. 

Join me today by visiting ​https://www.oregonskitchentable.org/crowdfunding/be-there-gorge​;to make a donation.

Thank you, Michael"